Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské pleso

Lomnický Štít

Belianska jaskyňa


 Spišský hrad

Spišský hrad


Slovenský raj

Slovenský raj

The winter months last from December to March, when the mountains are a playground for skiers and boarders, and the summer months from June to September, when you’ll find golf and tennis close by, with walking, hiking and biking on the mountains and in the national parks.

Winter Activities

Slovakia’s High and Low Tatras Mountains still offer some of Europe’s best value skiing, with lift passes up to a third cheaper than many parts of Europe.

With ski centres in both the High and Low Tatras, all in each reach of Poprad airport, European road and rail links, skiing in Slovakia is easy to get to, affordable and great fun.
Resorts are small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in variety. It’s easy enough to visit several ski resorts, on a shared lift pass, and enjoy skiing a new area every day.

The region’s efficient rail network makes travelling to and from Aqualand to the mountains a pleasure, with affordable tickets and modern, comfortable trains with panoramic windows.
The Tatras don’t just offer skiing and snowboarding either. For non-skiers, take the funicular railway from Stary Smokovec, or ride up one of our breathtaking gondolas for a coffee or a snack on the mountain side, try out snow-shoe walking in the forests, or, for the adventurous, snow tubing or going down the luge track.


Summer Activities

We’re doubly fortunate at Aqualand, not only to enjoy extremes of temperature that typify an alpine region, with snowy winters and warm, sunny summers, but because we have such a variety of sports and activities on the doorstep that you’d need to stay a very long time indeed to tire of Summer at Aqualand.
In the national parks, the High Tatras and Low Tatras Mountains you can walk, hike, mountain bike and even `adult scooter’ back down to the bottom. You can enjoy a schnapps in a koliba and a snack on a mountain side, try summer tubing, or ride the sledges on the Tatra Bob at Tatranska Lomnica.

Walk around the lake at Strbske Pleso or delve into the beautiful national parks of the `Slovak Paradise’ and PIeniny, where horizontal ladders, chains and walk-ways allow you to spot rare plants and animals in their natural habitat.

Our culture and history dates back centuries, so naturally, we have plenty of beautiful churches and historic buildings, walled towns and picturesque, frescoed villages. In the nearby town of Levoca, you can experience both Slovakia’s prettiest building and Europe’s highest wooden altar. In Kezmarok, you can marvel at the painted ceiling of the little wooden church and enjoy a walk along the historic main street.
Travel around using our region’s efficient and inexpensive train service, self-drive or hire a car.
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