Enjoy real comfort and feel at home with us.

Welcome to Aqualand,

a friendly and easily accessible place for your stay...

 Aqualand is your gateway to a vacation in the High Tatras. 

Our guesthouse is modernly furnished and decorated mainly with works of local artists, which you can see not only in our rooms, but also in all common areas, including the dining room, restaurant and bar... 

We are ideally situated, as all bars, businesses, shops, attractions, monuments and the very center of the city of Poprad are in close proximity to the guesthouse, just a few minutes' walk away, literally under the shadow of the peaks of the High Tatras.

We are from Poprad and our boarding house Aqualand is a family affair. We have visited many tourist destinations and therefore we know exactly what will make a place more beautiful and pleasant for our guests. We always find time to willingly help everyone with planning their days, be it a trip to the Tatras, Slovak Paradise, caves, national monuments and other beautiful places near Poprad. We love living in Slovakia, especially under the High Tatras, and therefore we want to ensure that you spend wonderful moments in Poprad and leave us full of positive feelings, experiences and with a smile on your face...And the desire to return to us. 

Right next to us is Aquacity Poprad – the most ecological thermal park with outdoor thermal pools and also an indoor 50m swimming pool, SPA zone and many attractions for the little ones. Aqualand is in partnership with Aquacity, and therefore we are pleased to offer each of our guests a 20% discount on entrance to the resort in the price of accommodation.

Poprad is the gateway to the High Tatras. It is the largest city in Spiš, the third largest city in eastern Slovakia and the tenth largest city in Slovakia. Poprad is located in the Poprad Basin, which is part of the Podtatra Basin, between the High and Belianske Tatras (in the north), the Levočské Mountains (in the east), the Goat's Backs (in the south) and the Strb Basin (in the west), on the Poprad River of the same name. 

  The location around Poprad provides endless possibilities for each of our guests, throughout the year.

               Distance : 

from the center of Poprad:                                                                                  5 minutes

 Aquapark Aquacity Poprad:                                                                             100 m, via a bridge over the river

Football and hockey stadium:                                                                           100 m

Hypermarket:                                                                                                       20 m

Spišská Sobota, historical monument part of the old town:                       10 minutes

Train and bus station:                                                                           10 minutes and only 3.50,- € by taxi

Transportation from the local airport, which is 5 km away, is continuously provided by taxis.
The guesthouse has a view of the surroundings and the beauty of our region from every room.